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The Trouble With Dreams

The Trouble With Dreams

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The Trouble with Dreams is a dream delve for four sixth-level characters.

Queen Aisling was among the kindest, wisest, and strongest of rulers - before she broke a statue of the Dreaming King. Now cursed with nightmares, she hasn’t slept for more than a half-hour for weeks. Irrational judgments, belligerent confusion, crumbling sanity: the Queen’s insomnia threatens total ruin for us all.

*GMs eyes only below*

Yet a Wise Queen has wise advisors. The Duchesses have hired a small team of hardened mercenaries, and a Somnomancer to send them into the Realms of Slumber. Their mission is to lift the Dreaming King’s curse, by any means necessary. The payment is substantial: 700gp each

Be warned: those who die while bodily within the Realms of Slumber never fully awaken again. They experience a half-life as permanent sleepwalkers. Also, taking a Long Rest in the Realms of Slumber will return you to the World of the Waking. Do not return before your work is done

Adventure by WATCHERDM

*This adventure comes in the .pdf format*

The Trouble With Dreams is unofficial Content permitted under the Open Game License. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.


This adventure comes in the .pdf format. It is not a physical item!

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