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Take a load off adventurer. It’s a tough trek out there. We’ve got dnd dice sets and d&d dice accessories so that you’ll be prepared no matter where you are, and prewritten adventures because even the most experienced can use a helping hand. Or maybe just something shiny that goes clackity-clack. Whether it’s a 1 or a 20, the important thing is to keep rolling.

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We have assets to help you get started with running adventures, whether that’s a pre-written campaign, dice, or a dice box. You and your players put time and effort into your games, and you deserve gaming equipment that reflects that.

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We’ve always been frustrated that in order to play a certain tabletop RPG everything was so spread out. Only Crits aims to bridge the gap between adventures and dice. By providing a free adventure with every order, you have everything needed in order to get a game off the ground, all in one place. 


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