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Welcome, explorers! At Only Crits, we're here to support your D&D journey. Discover our wide selection of beautifully crafted dice sets, trays, cases, and handy accessories, all designed to enhance your gaming experience. Plus, with a free 5e adventure added to every purchase, your next thrilling quest is just a click away. Gather your party, prepare your dice, and start your story with Only Crits. Because here, each roll opens a new chapter in your adventure.

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Whether you're stepping into the shoes of a new Dungeon Master or you're an experienced world builder, we're here to amplify your game. Discover our curated selection of pre-written adventures, intricately designed dice, and artisanal dice boxes. Reflect the effort you put into your campaigns with equipment that mirrors your dedication.

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It can be frustrating when preparing for a tabletop RPG, with crucial elements scattered across various platforms. Only Crits aims to streamline your prep by combining adventures and dice under one digital roof. Every order comes with a complimentary adventure, giving you everything you need to kick-start your game, all from one convenient source.


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Fully Funded: GGtS

Ready for an electrifying journey? Our Arcanepunk racing sourcebook for D&D 5E, 'Guillman's Guide to Speed', has been fully funded on Kickstarter. Break the speed barrier in the world of Orameus, and claim victory! With total funding reaching $89,025 we will be able to bring this product to life. Thank you to everyone that has supported us!