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Step Into a Mystical World.

Take a load off adventurer. It’s a tough trek out there, so dry your cloak and gear up for the next journey. At Only Crits we believe in the magic of a well-wrought tale and the thrill of a perfect roll. Our finely crafted dice and dice accessories guarantee you're always game-ready, no matter where your journey takes you. But we don't stop there — our meticulously designed adventures serve as a trusty guide or spark of inspiration for even seasoned storytellers. Or maybe just something shiny that goes clackity-clack. Because, at the end of the day, it's all about the joy of the journey and the friends we make along the way. Whether it’s a 1 or a 20, the important thing is to keep rolling.


Growing up in the lush mountains of North Vancouver, Canada, meant that Only Crits co-founders Eric and Rory had settings straight out of storybooks to play in. Friends since primary school the two used to spend their afternoons engrossed in the kind of childhood play that is now so rare, with sticks as broadswords and dead stumps as ogres. But time and responsibility can only be put off for so many years, and after straying into video games and jobs it wasn’t until a certain TableTop RPG wandered into their lives that imagination was rekindled. The beauty of constructing their own narratives, of coloring a world with nothing but a communal vision and the friends by their side brought the two back to childhood. Now, they aim to share that magic with others, equipping fellow adventurers with all they need to create their own epic narratives from the comfort of their living rooms.


Eric Brewerton

Operations Manager


 Rory Hoffman

Creative Director
Content Strategist


At Only Crits, our mission is to enrich your gaming experiences by providing premium, carefully crafted dice and engaging, imaginative settings and pre-written adventures. We believe in putting the fun back into tabletop gaming, and we strive to create products that inspire joy, excitement, and memorable moments. We invite you to stay awhile, explore, and share your thoughts with us. After all, every adventurer has a tale to tell.