Adventure Submissions

Earn Commission on Adventures you Write

We're looking to fill out our roster of adventures, and want your help. How it works is this. First, you send us one or more adventures that you've designed and written. If the module is of high enough quality, we'll reformat it, edit it, and publish it as a digital product on our shop. Any time someone purchases your adventure, you get a cut! It's that simple.

Submission Guidelines

All lore in an adventure must be original, we do not accept fan fiction modules or module rewrites. You may only use D&D monsters that are allowed under the Open Gaming License, and of course any homebrew monsters you come up with. Please do not use any photos or graphics unless they are custom made by yourself, or a photo you own the rights to.

You can create any type of adventure. One-Shot, Level 1-3, etc.

Submissions must be in Word or Plain Text format. We also accept Google Docs links.

If you have another platform you would like to use, please send us an email at


Please for the love of god, spell and grammar check your work at least three times before sending us a submission.

Formatting Suggestions

We encourage you to submit your adventure in the format that best suits it, but if you're unsure of how to format we recommend following the guide below. This makes it easy for us to read and edit, and smooths the process of getting your ideas published.

Only Crits Adventure Formatting Guide

No matter how you choose to format the adventure, keep it consistent and simple.

Submitting an Adventure

Send your adventure as an email with the title ADVENTURE SUBMISSION to 

Being accepted

Our adventure team will read over your submissions. If accepted, you will receive an email reply. You can then decide if you would like to continue with the process and get the adventure live on our site!

From that point we will work with you to properly format and edit the adventure, setup a contractual agreement, as well as adding in battle maps and a title page.

Note: Our typical payments for adventures is 50% of the adventure's sales.