Guillman's Guide to Speed

Introducing Guillman's Guide to Speed, a groundbreaking sourcebook for 5e that takes your adventures to electrifying new heights! Immerse yourself in a windborne, arcanepunk-inspired world filled with high-stakes races, thrilling action, and innovative gameplay. We need your help to test the Magic Items, Classes, Curses, Spells, & much more. We currently have over 160+ pages of content, art, with much more to come. Get a sneak peek at the heart-pumping action in our upcoming book.

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Check out this .PDF file with a little sneak peak of Guillmans Guide to Speed content. 

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Guillman's Guide to Speed offers an array of unique features

Speedracing Mechanics

Experience the adrenaline rush of high-speed racing with our comprehensive speedracing rules and mechanics. Customize your vehicles, master the art of maneuvering, and outpace your rivals in intense, heart-pounding competitions.

Arcanepunk Vehicles

Commandeer an array of arcane-punk styled vehicles designed for speed and agility. Outfit your ride with powerful arcane engines, deadly weaponry, and ingenious contraptions to gain an edge in every race.

New Classes and Subclasses

Unleash your inner speed demon with our innovative class options, such as the Siege Engineer, and Dynamo. Each class comes with unique abilities and powers to master, ensuring a fresh and exhilarating gameplay experience.

Magic Items and Spells

Supercharge your arsenal with a vast selection of speed-themed magic items and spells. Harness the power of lightning, manipulate time, and bend reality to your will as you leave your opponents in the dust.

Enchanting Environments

Explore the rich, diverse world of Orameus, featuring detailed descriptions of its history, myths, and legends. From bustling cities to treacherous wilderness, every location is brimming with opportunities for adventure and intrigue.

Engaging Encounters and Challenges

Put your skills to the test with a variety of skill challenges, puzzles, and curses specifically designed for high-speed gameplay. Outsmart your enemies, navigate perilous obstacles, and race against time to secure victory.

Stunning Artwork

Immerse yourself in the captivating visuals of Guillman's Guide to Speed, featuring breathtaking illustrations, detailed maps, and inspiring character designs. Each page brings the world of Orameus to life, making every adventure a visual treat.


An excerpt from the speedracing chapter.

"Whether it was an innate desire borne from the world’s time soaring at great speed through the stars, or a hobby launched from the mundane exercises of mortal life, it matters not. Some time long in the past, two individuals asked the question: who’s faster? And then quickly answered the question in the form of a footrace. The winner rejoiced and the loser considered new ways to increase their speed. And so the races began. Nowadays most cities hold some form of race, though the style and rules of races vary greatly from one place to another, sometimes even changing based on the time of year or weather. Race winners are held in high esteem, often being recognized for hundreds of miles around. The biggest, fastest and most dangerous races are held in the biggest cities. In this section it’s laid out the rules, qualifications and celebrities surrounding each of the most important races of Orameus."

"As expected, the Volsegradians race using magic. What began as simple push-pedal style go karts were soon enchanted to the physical limits of whatever materials were used to create the carts. Additionally, because so many powerful healers attend the events, the VCSC gets very violent. The rules surrounding the construction of the vehicles and the race itself are minimal, leaving as much space for creativity as possible. But because of the high degree of danger and competitiveness regarding the Street Circuit, competitors must either be race winners in a different circuit or be sponsored by someone who has raced in the VCSC previously."

Speed Elemental

Large elemental, neutral

The dust devil behind a galloping horse, the flurry of water droplets coming of the prow of a ship, the moment of inertia that comes at the very apex of a turn. These things draw upon the tangible element of speed. That same element can be harnessed into a being of its own, and on rare occasion these creatures can be found hurtling through the wilderness.

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