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(Pre-Order) Guillmans Guide to Speed

(Pre-Order) Guillmans Guide to Speed

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Pre-Order: Guillman's Guide to Speed - A 250+ Page Racing Sourcebook

Delivery: December, 2024  -   Shipping Fee: not included

Embark on a Journey of Speed and Discovery: Introducing Guillman's Guide to Speed, a groundbreaking 250+ page sourcebook for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons that redefines the thrill of velocity within the fantasy realm. Designed for those who crave speed, this guide introduces detailed mechanics for vehicle building and racing, set against the backdrop of an arcane-punk world brimming with magic, mystery, and fast-paced adventure.

Explore the Kickstarter Page: To learn more about Guillman's Guide to Speed and the journey of its creation, visit our Kickstarter page. Here, you'll find detailed information about the project, including our goals, the unique features of the sourcebook, and the vibrant community that made it possible.

Pre-Order Through BackerKit: Missed the Kickstarter campaign? No worries! You can still pre-order Guillman's Guide to Speed here or through BackerKit. Secure your copy and take advantage of the special pre-order offers available for a limited time.

What's Inside:

  • New Mechanics: Dive into comprehensive rules for in-game vehicle customization and dynamic racing scenarios. From a magically-powered Grand Prix to high-stakes chariot races, Guillman's Guide has everything you need to bring the exhilaration of speed to your D&D campaigns.
  • New Classes and Subclasses: Play as unique new classes like the Dynamo and Siege Engineer, or amplify your existing class with one of 12 speed-focused subclasses. Each option is designed to harness kinetic energy and quick thinking, propelling you and your allies to victory.
  • A Rich, Expansive World: Explore Orameus, a land of contrast and conflict, from the nationless Floating City to the divided nations of Plagoram and Volsegrad. Discover a world where ambition and absurdity collide, offering endless opportunities for adventure.
  • Thrilling Races and Competitions: Engage in races across diverse terrains and conditions, each with its own set of rules and challenges. Customize your vehicles for the ultimate race experience, whether on city streets, through treacherous waters, or across the skies.
  • Dangerous Foes and Allies: Encounter creatures and constructs with supernatural speed, along with a host of NPCs, factions, and a brand-new divine pantheon to enrich your gaming experience.
  • Expansive GM Resources: Utilize pre-built game devices, including riddles, skill challenges, curses, and puzzles, to enhance your campaigns with minimal prep time. Dive into the lore of Orameus and employ its many myths, legends, and artifacts to craft unforgettable stories.

Why Pre-Order?

  • Exclusive Early Access: Secure your copy before the official release and be the first to introduce the power of speed to your table.
  • Special Pre-Order Pricing: Enjoy discounted rates and exclusive offers only available through our pre-order campaign.
  • Join the Community: By pre-ordering, you're not just getting a book; you're becoming part of an innovative movement within the TTRPG community, directly contributing to the expansion of the 5e universe. Only Crits Discord

Join Us for the Ride of a Lifetime: With Guillman's Guide to Speed, your D&D adventures will never be the same. Pre-order now and get ready to explore the limits of speed, magic, and creativity in an arcane-punk world where only the fastest survive.

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