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The Drought Maker

The Drought Maker

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A mysterious cyclone ravages the land. Water is running short, and hope is nearly gone…

The Drought Maker is a community submitted adventure by the talented DM Breticus! If you like it check out his other stuff, and if you want to write an adventure like The Drought Maker, we'd be happy to publish it.

The Drought Maker is a 8th-12th level adventure designed for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. The adventure is designed to either act as an continuation module for an already active adventure, or as a fast way to start your players at a higher level. Let us know how it goes and how your party succeeds or fails!

*GMs eyes only below*

A dry cycle spins over a now-dry lake bed. The waters have been cooked away and consumed by the spinning torrent of dust and sand. It brings with it dry flaming heat, searing farmer’s fields and reducing once overgrown forests to barren ashland. Scouts and adventurers report seeing a huge, fiery tornado that boils rivers into cracked mud beds. Some 500 feet into the air, something floats in the center of the twisting inferno. In the eye of the firestorm floats a glaive from which it spins. The Drought-Maker continues its path of destruction through the valley. Throughout the destruction, groups of bugbears move throughout the regions carrying large gem scales over their armor, metal arms, and crystal eyes.


Written by DM Breticus


*This adventure comes in the .pdf format* 

The Drought Maker is unofficial Content permitted under the Open Game License. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.


This adventure comes in the .pdf format. It is not a physical item!

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