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Dragon Locket - Dice Tray & Case

Dragon Locket - Dice Tray & Case

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The story of the Dragon Locket Dice Tray & Case begins with a legend in a far-off realm. It was there that a majestic dragon of yore, known for its wisdom and might, presided over the land. This dragon was said to harbor a treasure beyond compare: a magical locket that held the power to transform into a shield in the face of danger. The locket was admired not only for its protective abilities but also for its intricate design, which showcased the dragon wrapping itself around a D20 — a symbol of the balance of power and chance in the universe.

In an attempt to capture this legend's magic, the Dragon Locket - Dice Tray & Case was crafted. Bearing the same mystical dragon symbol, this versatile accessory is a testament to the enchanting tale that inspired it. The polished wooden casing, etched with the intricate dragon design, stores your dice safely and transforms into a dice tray for those crucial rolls during your gaming sessions.

The Dragon Locket Dice Tray & Case serves as the original inspiration for our expanding collection of dice cases and trays. Each variant, while sharing the core functionality, carries its own unique narrative and design, adding a new chapter to our ongoing saga. Whether you are a dragon aficionado, a DnD enthusiast, or a lover of mythical tales, the Dragon Locket Dice Tray & Case is designed to transport you into a world of fantasy and wonder. Embark on your adventure with this legend by your side, and let every dice roll be a part of your epic journey.

NOTE: We only have the Sapele Deep - Blank Face variant in stock. There will be no engraved dragon on the box, as those have run out of stock! 

Type: Dice Tray & Case

Each Dragon Locket - Dice Tray & Case includes a random Dice Set with a D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4, and D00.

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