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Hurricane Deathbot

Hurricane Deathbot

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For as long as anyone can remember, a great swirling hurricane has raged unabated in the middle of the open ocean, and at its center, a lonely metal island. But now, for reasons unknown, the hurricane is rapidly approaching the coast, threatening the lives of everyone in its path. This adventure is for four to six Adventurers of level 9

*GMs eyes only below*

The PCs will have to traverse the storm. While in-world this is a great undertaking, you are better off using this as a narrative moment than a mechanical challenge. This can be a chance to spotlight a PC that has the Sailor background or is proficient in Vehicles (Water). If the PCs possess a ship, they can sail it. If not, they are on a sailing ship magically fortified against the extreme weather, piloted by a capable captain

Adventure by WATCHERDM

*This adventure comes in the .pdf format*

Hurricane Deathbot is unofficial Content permitted under the Open Game License. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.


This adventure comes in the .pdf format. It is not a physical item!

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