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Eldritch Abyss - Dice Tray & Case

Eldritch Abyss - Dice Tray & Case

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For those drawn to the mysteries of the deep and the cosmic, the Eldritch Abyss Dice Tray & Case is a compelling addition to your tabletop game accessories. This tray and case pair, tinted in mesmerizing purple, features a complex winged octopus design that embodies the enigmatic power of the eldritch beings.

A captivating variant of our Dragon Locket and Dragon's Embrace Dice Tray & Case, the Eldritch Abyss offers the same functionality with a touch of cosmic horror. The intricately depicted octopus, its wings spread wide, evokes an air of mystique and fascination, much like the strange and ancient entities of Lovecraftian lore.

Just like its counterparts, the Eldritch Abyss Dice Tray & Case provides a secure space for your dice when not in use. The case interior serves as a rolling tray, ensuring your dice remain within reach and your rolls are contained.

Unite form and function in an intriguing display of your love for the mysterious and fantastical. Add a dash of cosmic intrigue to your next D&D session with the Eldritch Abyss - Dice Tray & Case, and delve deeper into the extraordinary.

Type: Dice Tray & Case
Material: Wooden

Eldritch Abyss - Dice Tray & Case

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