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Crypt of Khepri's Priest

Crypt of Khepri's Priest

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This adventure is designed for up to 4 players, at level 3. They are a group of adventures, hired to find a lost temple to the God of Knowledge, Khepri, and retrieve a cloak that was left behind for a private collector. The specifics of this may differ. It could be they are after the thrill of adventure, or the promise of gold. It could be they have worked alongside the collector for many years.

Their adventure will bring them to The Burnt Savannah in Osmea, and the small hamlet of Roughide, which is believed to be within half a day of where the temple might be. They will need to investigate the area a little to discover its location, before heading there and making their way through the temple to the central annex.

*GMs eyes only below*

The World:

Osmea - A nation filled with monsters of all sorts, now emboldened by the lack of a united army to keep them at bay. Their numbers have swollen, and travel between cities is not for the faint of heart. Mages have been outlawed in many cities after the main deity Exaria was believed to have been murdered. Magic became wilder and more unpredictable, with new mages and dangers springing up from it. Those who have the power to wield would do well to be cautious before showing their prowess

The Burnt Savannah – This is a desert wasteland resides in the heart of Osmea, stretching from Voegaurd to the Ravenous Void. The sand is a deep reddish colour, as though a thousand battles and incalculable droplets of blood had been spilled to turn it so. Here there are dangers not only from beasts, but from the shear heat.

Roughhide – A small desert town, whose square is little more than an enlarged crossroads, surviving only from the single well at its centre. The people are quiet and introspective, willing to lend a hand but always cautious to whom they offer it to. Their commerce is largely trade, though a small mine exists on the outskirts of town.

DM Notes It is the DMs discretion where this takes place. If you would prefer to situate it in your own world, then please do! Listed below are a few idea's on shops and NPCs who may help or hinder your party, as well as a few specialist items up for sale.

Adventure by Austin Monkcom

Instagram - @LandsOfFerox -

*This adventure comes in the .pdf format*



This adventure comes in the .pdf format. It is not a physical item!

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