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A Magical Mystery

A Magical Mystery

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A Magical Mystery is a oneshot adventure beginning at level 5, designed for a party of four. It should take approximately 4 hours to play. This is a dungeon crawl adventure tinged with a dash of mystery. This can be used as a plug-in adventure, or as a one shot. The basics of the storyline of this adventure, if you so choose to use it, is laid out in the Plot Points section below. If you merely want the dungeon map, NPCs, or boss stat block, they can be found in their corresponding sections.

*GMs eyes only below*

In this adventure, the players will trudge through a long-forgotten underground dungeon to get to the treasure at the center, only to be met with a surprising twist.

The players will start in the town of Tornigg, the small, solitary town in the island country of Thyrba. They’ve been summoned by the Tavernkeeper of in the town of Tornigg, Boyle, as a private dungeoneering crew, who directs them to the Death Crypt just inside the jungle. There are three layers to the Death Crypt. The first floor is a simple maze patrolled by a gelatinous cube. The second floor is an undead summoning chamber, where the players will have to fight their way through waves of undead. The third floor is the Lich’s lair, where the party will have to make a choice that influences the end of the game.


*This adventure comes in the .pdf format* 

A Magical Mystery is unofficial Content permitted under the Open Game License. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.


This adventure comes in the .pdf format. It is not a physical item!

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