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The Hamlet of Wolford

The Hamlet of Wolford

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The Hamlet of Wolford is a community submitted adventure by the talented Tate Charles Renforth-Frederick! If you want to write an adventure like The Hamlet of Wolford, we'd be happy to publish it.

The Hamlet of Wolford is a 1st-3rd level adventure designed for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. If you happen to have a group which is quite low level or inexperienced, there is no sense in requiring that they should start over again and characters of up to 3rd level will find challenges within. The adventure describes the hamlet of Wolford, a small wine-making community, found in forgotten parts of the Rusted Woods and the nearby Eildonberg Tower leaving surrounding areas to the dungeon master’s discretion. It can be easily adapted to a small community in any setting.


*GMs eyes only below*


Content Warning

This adventure contain depictions of slavery and abuse through the character of Katja-Rik Sohn. None of the content in this scenario is designed to be emotionally intense for your players. As always, be aware of your player’s needs and make adaptations where appropriate.


Born a into slavery, Katja-Rik has known nothing of freedom for most of her life. Year upon year she was traded like gold from owner to owner. It was a hard life for a child and as she started to grow up her beauty made it worse. Eventually, long after she had lost track of how many times she’d been sold or traded before, a wizard by the name of Jakob Sohn saw her at auction. Smitten by her, Jakob purchased Katja-Rik as a wife. Far above all the other masters she’d had, Jakob was the cruellest. He treated her like an animal and took pleasure in humiliating her whenever he could. He claimed these to be experiments he was conducting on how to create the perfect mortal form. The only reward she received was a single day of privacy each month when he would leave to harass the local villagers. A year ago, Jakob’s obsessions with creating a perfect body for himself came to a head. He had created the Soul Forge, a magical device that could transfer the soul of a creature into a new body made from mercury instantaneously upon the creature's death. Having found that the device required the sacrifice of another’s body to function, Jakob attempted to kill Katja-Rik. In the struggle there was a complication and Jakob’s soul was trapped within the husks of one of his discarded golems while Katja-Rik’s was melded with the Soul Forge.

"You find yourselves standing before an oddly bulbous tree set with a wooden door and a hanging sign displaying a portly cleric and the words ‘The Fat Pilgrim.’ Entering, you can see a cramped, yet oddly charming tavern. A window in the ceiling provides natural light throughout the space and the smell of red wine has seeped into everything. Two tables and a half dozen bar stools have been scattered around with the only places left clear being around the long-faded dart board and a thin path to the bar. Behind which a dark skinned, human man is arguing with an older dwarf woman whose body is almost completely hidden beneath the filth and mud that covers her."



Written by TCRF


*This adventure comes in the .pdf format* 

The Hamlet of Wolford is unofficial Content permitted under the Open Game License. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.


This adventure comes in the .pdf format. It is not a physical item!

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