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Moon Elves' Masquerade

Moon Elves' Masquerade

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Moon Elves' Masquerade is a 5e compatible adventure for four to six adventurers of level 4. It is the first adventure that is followed by Destination Moon Palace. This 4th level adventure mixes extended social and roleplay opportunities with high-stakes, and a boss fight your players will never forget!

Long ago, in the golden age of the elves, a collection of master mages and elven demigods decided to leave our world to create a utopia of undying revelry, bacchanalia, and hedonism. By the grace of the divines and the strength of their magic, they ascended to the moon. Yet the pleasure-seeking life, even free of time and death, is driven by desperate hungers, novelty chief among them. To combat their eternal ennui, the moon elves have taken to the lowest form of carousing: destination party tourism.

To this end, they have begun returning to the material plane during the crest of the lunar cycle. By the light of the full moon, their revels have become the stuff of legend and rumor. Until now! A local wastrel has identified the location of their next party, and the rich and bored have taken notice.

Famed hedonist Horatio Humbert, likewise possessed by an avarice for novelty, has offered a great bounty for any party-goers capable of convincing the moon elves to attend his next birthday.

*GMs eyes only below*

Moon Elves’ Masquerade is an event-driven adventure in five parts:

  • The Introduction
  • The Masquerade
  • The Investigation
  • The Reckoning
  • The Reward

At the beginning of the adventure, a famed hedonist commissions the heroes to deliver a party invitation to the legendary lunar elves. The adventurers find them but must party till dawn to prove that a mortal invitation is worth entertaining. When they awake the morning after, they find the most charismatic adventurer has had their face stolen by the moon elves causing the heroes to search for a way to the thieves! They confront the Prince of the Moon Elves in his ancient court upon the surface of the moon. They leave victorious, faces safely reattached, with an extra helping of moon treasure for their efforts.

Adventure by WATCHERDM

*This adventure comes in the .pdf format*

Moon Elves' Masquerade is unofficial Content permitted under the Open Game License. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.


This adventure comes in the .pdf format. It is not a physical item!

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