Project Highlight: Obojima Tales from the Tall Grass

Project Highlight: Obojima Tales from the Tall Grass

In the world of D&D it's easy to become lost in the ins and outs of stat blocks and gameplay mechanics. It's easy to forget that it's a game that happens in your imagination, and can take any form you would like. It's easy to neglect the beauty of the game. Obojima Tales from the Tall Grass is a project that excels at highlighting the alluring aspects of this beautiful game. 

What is Obojima Tales from the Tall Grass?

Obojima Tales from the Tall Grass is a fifth edition sourcebook currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, created by 1985 Games. It's inspired by studio Ghibli films and Legend of Zelda games, a serene and mysterious world waiting to be discovered. Full of strange spirits, rare oddities and wondrous creatures; Tales from the Tall Grass evokes the curious nature of childhood as it simultaneously provides an immense amount of brand new playable D&D content. Subclasses, races, spells, monsters, items and a wealth of lore to tie the island of Obojima together. Add to that a new Hero's Joureny Boon System and, best of all, simple and fun potion mechanics...

Potion Brewing

One of Obojima's strongest features is its potion brewing mechanics. They're centered on finding ingredients scattered about the world that you can combine, with a little talent and some luck, into new and unique brews. With over a hundred ingredients to discover and use, the potential for liquid fun is nearly limitless. And for those who are interested, the Kickstarter is offering card decks for potions and ingredients in their top three tiers and as add-ons to their campaign.

The Corruption

As with any properly designed world, the island of Obojima is not all peace and serenity. The sea is turning black, the spirits whisper of foul magic, and adventurers find themselves affected in strange and diverse ways... With lore tying the island together, Tales from the Tall Grass is more than a setting and collection of new mechanics, it's a story just waiting to be told.

The Bottom Line

Obojima Tales from the Tall Grass is an amazing project. It has the depth of new mechanics and lore, the fun of a bunch of new playable content, and truly breathtaking art to tie it all together. It provides a new angle within which to play D&D, one that harkens back to a nostalgia of the classics in video games and animation. The book is chock full of amazing content, it understands how to fill gaps that 5e currently has, it is a joyous and well-rounded celebration of roleplaying games. The Kickstarter runs until August 30th, 2023.

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