Project Highlight: Luminous Lore

Project Highlight: Luminous Lore

Brought to you by Luminous Studios who have been crafting graphic novel, card games, comic anthologies and D&D content for nearly ten years, Luminous Lore delves into the realm of dreaming. Will you stave off the nightmares long enough to make dreams a reality?

What is Luminous Lore

Luminous Lore centers around the land of Ekratoria. Gods walk upon the earth like mortals, and though wield power they can be controlled by legendary artifacts which powerful factions such as the Tranquil Alliance, champions of dreaming, and the Mare, servants of nightmares, vie for control of. NPCs and players alike can harness the power of Dream Magic, once used to craft the world itself it is now a well of energy to be drawn upon by gifted magic users.

With over 300 pages of material Luminous Lore will include 10 new cities with maps and encounters, 55 godly artifacts, 30 new Dream Magic spells, 45 monsters, 13 unique subclasses and more.

Unique Elements of Luminous Lore

Gods and Factions: 13 gods were created along with the world of dreaming, and they assumed the forms of dragons, beasts and humanoids. From these great immortals factions sprung up, some to aid the gods of Dream, and others to boost the gods of Nightmare.

Locations, Encounters and Maps: The world of Ekratoria resides on the Dream Plane of Oniro. This world is populated with 10 detailed cities, complete with maps and encounters that tie the towns together across the great plane of existence.

Dream Magic and Unique Subclasses: A wholly new system of magic centered around drawing and illustration. Use 3 of these unique systems of magic across the new subclasses to bring the world to light in a new way.

What is Luminous Studios?

Luminous Studios was created by Anthony Christou and Rob C. Richardson in 2015, centered around the idea of a world in which art had the power to create magic. Since then the two have released numerable pieces of playable 5e content as well as card games, graphic novels, comic anthologies and more. From there Luminous Studios made the leap into gaming products, developing the Bai Ze and the Book of Monsters, a massive campaign and setting guide as well as miniatures and metal dice. Since then Luminous Studios has run several Kickstarters for unique metal dice sets.

Luminous Lore will be the combination of both sides of Luminous Studios. Collaborating to produce not just playable 5th edition material but pairing it with fantastic D&D accessories to give you everything you need at your gaming table.

Check out Luminous Lore's Kickstarter page here, and don't hesitate to following along on the journey. The first 200 backers will receive a dice set completely free of charge.

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