5 Mini DnD Maps to Use in a Pinch

5 Mini DnD Maps to Use in a Pinch

The following battlemaps are intended for use with the descriptions provided along with them, but these are simply recommendations. If you like the shape or traps laid out but care nothing for the described uses, that's great! Trust yourself. Now, without further ado, to the maps.

1. Volcanic Chamber

The shapes represent holes that spew lava, poison or some other dangerous material. They can either slowly increase the amount of deadly liquid/gas within the room, creating a time limit of sorts on the combat; or they can release the dangerous liquid/gas at various times throughout the combat, damaging creatures within 10 feet. For enemies, I'd suggest using enemies that fly or climb, with good movement speed.


2. The Horrible Hourglass

This is a funnel. The PCs enter on the left, and the door locks/disappears. Then, something deadly emerges from behind them, be it a liquid or a trap such as arrows or rolling boulders. The party is forced to the middle of the hourglass shape, through a door. On the other side, you have your enemies, preferably enemies with ranged attacks that can deal damage upon the party getting through the door.


3. Falling Squares

This is an extreme map. The numbered tiles fall according to their number. Any creature standing on one of the squares plunges into the abyss when it falls. To lessen the severity of this map, have the squares fall a pre-set number of feet instead of into the abyss. I recommend using many enemies to crowd the map and make it more stressful when tiles begin to fall, and utilize the shove action often with your enemies. Also, give obvious hints about the tiles falling and in what order. Perhaps even keep the numbers emblazoned upon them, though requiring perception checks.


4. The Figure Eight

A simple shape, keep the distances and scale small, forcing all the creatures into single file play, only getting around by jumping across the gaps. The trap in the middle of the figure eight adds to the stress. Great to pair with enemies that have the ability to deal damage simply by moving through creatures, or flying enemies.


5. The Pole

Place your enemy, preferably singular enemy, on the top of this wide pole. The enemy should have some form of ranged attack. Then create two to four ways to climb the wide pole, only one of which is safe. To ease the severity of this one, have something soft at the bottom of the pole to halve fall damage so that the party stands a chance.


These maps are simple, but hopefully at least one of them can provide a little inspiration or a quick map to slot in to one of your dungeons. 

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