Kickstarter Highlight: 3 Projects to Kick your DnD Games into High Gear

Kickstarter Highlight: 3 Projects to Kick your DnD Games into High Gear

Fans and third parties are some of the most talented, passionate creators in the Dungeons and Dragons community. Today we're highlighting three cool new projects that will help elevate your D&D games, and direct you to where you can support their creation, and get ahead of the rush.

Exordium: Origin of Mythos

Exordium aims to turn any and all of your adventures into mythic sagas. It features the unique Mythic Paths mechanic, which guides the creation of a personal story arc to take your character from lowly adventurer to imposing protagonist.

Not only that, but Exordium has over 75 new character feats to customize your characters and cement them in halls of legends. With a bestiary that sports more than 10 terrifying creatures of folklore, and new Legacy and Nemesis systems to track your imprint on history and the people who aim to stop you, the book is more than just a collection of plug and play assets, it's a way to create legends themselves. Exordium is a fresh and fun take on myths and folklore in DnD. This is currently the last chance to get a copy of the new sourcebook as they're closing down their Backerkit in order to go to production soon. You can get in on the action by following this link.

Snappy Condition Rings and Case

A physical product, this incredibly useful idea can aid anyone who plays with battlemaps and minis. Launched by Minis Monthly, the talented group that puts out new and unique minis every month, these custom rings are all printed with conditions to help players and DMs alike keep track of what is effecting their characters.

Not only that, but the rings also snap on to one another so that every condition stays together, and feature a finger groove to help you get them apart just as easily. The team has thought of everything, making these rings easy to use, organized with a custom case, and will even provide the STL files for backers who want to print some themselves! You can back the Kickstarter as it's currently still running (thought it's been fully funded, so they'll be produced in the coming months) by following this link here.

Guillman's Guide to Speed

We would be remiss if we were talking about Kickstarters without mentioning our own project: Guillman's Guide to Speed. This innovative 5th edition sourcebook is everything you need for vehicles, racing, and anything speed related in D&D.

It has new classes, subclasses, speed based spells, monsters, items, a host of DM tools, and a whole new world within which to play. You can check out the info page on our site here for more details or to get a sneak preview of a sample of the content. We also have a Discord server where we do playtest and content drops. The book is fully written and currently in its editing and art phase, which means playtests will soon be coming thick and fast, so if you've ever wanted to race from the comfort of your own TTRPG table or mix tech with magic, hop on over and preorder the book today!

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