High Res DnD 5e Stat Blocks, Because we Finally Figured Out How to Do It

High Res DnD 5e Stat Blocks, Because we Finally Figured Out How to Do It

Listen, should I have figured out how to take high resolution screenshots before posting our stat blocks on social media? Probably. Did I? Obviously not. But, this particular mistake has been rectified, and even though it's a mistake I shouldn't have made in the first place I'm pretty excited about having fixed it. So, if you're on our email list or have been following this blog for a while (or our Instagram, follow us pls) and thought to yourself "jeez this guy should really learn how to take a high res screenshot" then you're in luck. And to celebrate here's a bunch of stat blocks for 5e monsters and items to use in your home games. Please take a moment to appreciate the crisp clear images.


Fancy magic stuff to give to your party. Adventuring in DnD is fun and exciting, but adventuring through the back pages of random source books for magic items is not. And now you don't have to. 

 *Only Crits does not accept liability for any actions taken by careless or malicious Player Characters while bearing any of the items below. Please administer responsibly.

Arm Ring of Wielding

Listen I want to be able to swing a longsword in one hand and a battleaxe in another, and by golly I'm going to find a way to do so.

Arm Ring of Wielding

 Wand of Concentration

This one's busted, don't even give it out. It's esssentially like giving one of your casters a legendary resistance.

wand of concentration stat block

Grappler's Gauntlets

I made these for a player's character that is a WWE-style wrestler, so only ever takes grapple and shove actions. I liked that character idea and then after making the gauntlets I liked them too, so here they are.

grappler's gauntlets stat block


Golem of Weapon Destruction

About to give your PC one of those fancy magic weapons? Sounds like a great time to destroy their current weapon. Or maybe you just need to punish them for showing up late.

Demon Spawn

These demonic little cutie pies have an insatiable need for fresh bones. Would highly recommend throwing a ton of them at a higher level party, for fun meat fodder, and on the off chance they remove a bone, devastating consequences.

Just a small taster of some more items and stat blocks. If you want a full course meal you can sign up for our email list, or follow our socials. Happy hunting!


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