Delve by Bob World Builder: D&D Kickstarter Highlight

Delve by Bob World Builder: D&D Kickstarter Highlight

At Only Crits we've been partnered with Bob World Builder for several years now, they're an incredibly creative and considerate creator who is a brilliant addition to the TTRPG space. We've even created a custom dice set with him! And we're super stoked to announce that he's launching a Kickstarter for a guidebook to dungeons for DnD 5e and Shadowdark!

What is Delve?

Delve is a marriage of classic dungeon diving advice with modern assets and systems. The idea is to make dungeons (which is half the game according to the title) more accessible for GMs to run and players to enjoy. Not only is it a guide for actually building the dungeons, but it's going to have new player creation options specifically designed for dungeon delving, and to top it all off there will be prebuilt dungeons that come with monsters, hazards, traps and challenges.

What is included for Backers?

I'm so glad you asked. Here's everything that will be coming in your package if you support Bob and Delve:

  • An in-depth guide to building and surviving deadly dungeons
  • 10+ awesome plug-and-play dungeons
  • 40+ new magic items & new dungeoneering equipment
  • 40+ new monsters with exciting mechanics and unique variants
  • 40+ new traps, hazards, and puzzles for dungeons
  • New subclasses, feats, and species for 5E – and new class talents for Shadowdark

Why is any of this exciting?

Well first of all, rude, and second of all, a bunch of reasons. Firstly, not only is Bob building Delve for D&D, but including the Shadowdark edition with any digital or physical pledge—which means you get both PDFs for the price of one. Not only that, but fully built, unique dungeons are difficult to find. The fact that Bob is not just building a bunch of dungeons for us all to use but spilling all the secrets about how to build them is beyond exciting. It's exhilarating. It marks a return to the good-old-days of TTRPG dungeon crawls that up the stakes for adventurers, and expand the nefarious toolkits of GMs. 

Last but far from least, anyone who backs at a physical tier within the first 100 hours get 3 exclusive holographic monster cards completely free of charge!

So don't hesitate, this is a super cool Kickstarter that's going to expand the potential for two different systems, and better players and GMs alike. Go back Delve now!

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