Content Highlight: 3 of our Favorite Videos about Guillman's Guide to Speed

Content Highlight: 3 of our Favorite Videos about Guillman's Guide to Speed

One of the best parts of setting up the crowdsourcing campaign for our sourcebook Guillman's Guide to Speed has been getting to work with some amazing content creators. Their talent for wit, critical thinking and entertainment is stunning and after all they've done to help us out with the Kickstarter we wanted to shout out some of our favorites and direct you towards their content.

Blaine Simple: I found the FASTEST Monster in D&D

First on the list is the shortest and perhaps funniest video about the project. Blaine Simple has a knack for dissecting monsters and our Speed Demon was no exception, quite the opposite in fact. While Blaine made some very fair, very necessary-to-know observations about the basics of the creature, like how many hit points it had being really high and how its CR was shockingly low, the best part of the video was the math behind the demon's Gathering Momentum trait. Because of our (careless) wording, the feature gives the fiend the ability to move faster every turn, but without limiting it to just combat. This means every Speed Demon has the ability to work its way up to moving at the speed of light, eventually gaining enough momentum and therefore force to destroy the entire universe. A small mistake. It's worth noting that since this video has come out with have rectified this miniscule error, but nonetheless the video gave us a hearty chuckle and we think it'll do the same for you. Blaine Simple's channel is unendingly entertaining and we'd highly recommend checking them out. 

Mr. Tarrasque: Fast enough for you? Guillman's Guide to SPEED - 5th edition DnD

Mr. Tarrasque specializes in reviewing TTRPG modules and other written content. He dove into not just our sample package, but also our Kickstarter itself. We really appreciated his honesty throughout the video, he doesn't hesitate to mention the points at which we fall short, like some inconsistent styles within our art and how basic our Kickstarter page is, but he also doesn't hesitate to compliment the stuff he enjoyed, like our Speedracing rules and the concept as a whole. The video offers the best overview of our campaign. His insights are levelheaded, and some of them have already sent us back to the content to tweak and twist to make sure the final book is just right. The best part of Mr. Tarrasque is simply how passionate he is about the hobby, it shines through in all of his work, and we are so grateful that he took the time to go through what we've created. If you want to watch to a passionate and insightful creator you can find his channel here.

URGE TV: Racer Rogue Subclass Review - D&D 5e Subclass Series

Who doesn't love a good deep dive? The guys over at URGE TV specialize in drilling into subclasses and other player options to figure out what works and what doesn't, and they were kind enough to do the same for our Racer Rogue subclass. They have a deep understanding of what makes a player option fun to use, focusing not just on the mechanics and damage of combat but also taking the time to analyze how the subclass could be used to enhance roleplay. They pointed out this particular subclass' weakness when it comes to roleplay, only having one niche ability that helps RP, but identified its strengths in combat. Specifically, the Racer allows for another way to trigger Sneak Attack which was something these two loved since it's the core of the Rogue's kit. Finally they get down to class synergy, how well the subclass works with its own abilities and the rest of the class', which it did well at since it offers choices rather than overriding other options. Having a third party go through your content with a fine toothed comb can be unnerving, but they did so with humor and nothing but the subclass' best interest at heart, just like they do with all of their videos. If you'd like to say more of their stuff check out their channel

We Hate to Come Last but...

Finally we offer our own humble entry to the video list. We're very proud of it, and while it was blown out of the water by the amazing creators we've talked about above, we still think you'll get a kick out of our promotional video:


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