Choosing the Right Dungeons and Dragons Dice: A Guide to Types and Materials

Choosing the Right Dungeons and Dragons Dice: A Guide to Types and Materials

When you're immersed in a game of Dungeons and Dragons, your dice become more than just tools. These little polyhedrons become your companions on epic quests, the architects of your fate, and an extension of your personality into the world your characters reside in. Each roll can spell triumph or disaster, and the feel, look, and roll of your dice can enhance this experience. This guide will help you understand the different types of D&D dice available, focusing on their materials, styles, and how they can match your stylistic preferences.

Types of D&D Dice

1. Sharp-Edged Dice Sets: Sharp-edged dice are precise and professional. Unlike standard dice, which generally have slightly rounded edges due to the molding process, sharp-edged dice maintain an exact geometric shape, which makes for crispy rolls and tantalizing sounds. These are typically made from resins and are a favorite among players who value a classic aesthetic and dice sets that don't tumble all over the place.

2. Metal Dice Sets: Metal D&D dice, often crafted from zinc alloys and finished with various metallic paints or platings, are prized for their heft and durability. The weight of metal dice makes each roll feel significant, enhancing the dramatic tension in key game moments and making it easier to one-up your DM's BBEG. However, their weight is a double-edged sword since metal dice can cause scratches and dents to softer surfaces. Thus, using a dice tray or rolling mat with metal dice is advisable to protect your furniture and ensure a smooth roll.

3. Stone Dice Sets: Like their metal counterparts, stone dice offer a substantial, luxurious feel that many TTRPG players cherish. Made from materials like onyx, quartz, or even marble, stone dice are unique and can feature mesmerizing patterns and colors inherent to the stone from which they are cut. These beautiful striations in gemstone dice sets makes each one unique not only from metal and resin sets, but from each other as well. The natural weight of stone dice, though, shares the same drawback as metal dice—they can be tough on playing surfaces, so be sure to choose where you roll them carefully.

4. Resin Dice Sets: Resin dice are perhaps the most common type found in D&D campaigns due to their versatility and affordability. They can be clear or opaque and come in an endless variety of colors and styles, including glitter, ink swirls, or even small items embedded inside. Resin dice are lighter than metal or stone, making them less risky for tabletops and more adaptable to various playing environments. They also allow for more variety within budget, so if you're looking for very specific dice or even have the ability to order custom dice, chances are you'll have the best luck looking for resin dice sets.

5. Dice Sets with Figures Inside (Little Friends): For those looking to add a whimsical touch to their D&D sessions, dice with tiny figures encapsulated inside offer a delightful twist. Despite the embedded figures, these little friends are designed to roll just as fairly as any standard dice since the figures and surrounding material are one and the same, only the coloring changes. They provide a playful way to express personality and add a narrative element to your gaming sessions. Highly recommended for anyone playing a Ranger with a companion, Wizard with a familiar, or Druid with a regular wildshape form.

Choosing Your Dice

Selecting a D&D dice set is a personal journey, one that embarks upon not only the aesthetic and tactile preferences but also the practicality of the dice you carry with you to sessions. Metal and stone dice feel luxurious and roll with a satisfying weight, but are heavy and thus harder to carry around. Resin and sharp-edged dice provide excellent versatility and customizability, suitable for players who value precision and variety.

Dice are not just tools but extensions of your D&D characters. They can reflect your identity and personal style. Whether you choose a gleaming metal set that drops like a gavel with authority or a softly glowing resin set that holds the light of a starry sky, your dice set can be as unique as the character you play.


D&D is a game that blends skill with chance, and the dice are your medium for this alchemical mix. Choosing the right dice can elevate that experience, express your style, and solidify the magic of each TTRPG moment. Remember, regardless of what you choose, the important thing is to keep on rolling!

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