6 More Free Monster Stat Blocks for your DnD 5e Games

6 More Free Monster Stat Blocks for your DnD 5e Games

There's only a handful of things truly necessary for a DM to run a game of DnD. The most important of these is a brain, though it's not always entirely necessary. But, that doesn't mean having extra assets, ideas and rules doesn't make things easier, and when the annoying stuff is easy, you can focus on having fun. So here are some monster stat blocks, in case making or finding monsters is something you're not interested in.

1. Full Sized Family Minivan

Parties are always looking for a way to get around, and why limit that to beasts of burden? Just be sure to get the oil changed and give this reliable automobile lots of love.

A description of a monster stat block based on a Honda minivan

2. Gramesh

I understand that Hell is a hot place, in general. But I also know that being bone-chillingly cold can be extremely torturous and I'm quite sure at least one of the rings of hell must be frozen solid. Gramesh comes from that one.

A demon stat block for DnD 5e

3. Building Mimic

It's like a regular mimic but much bigger and more terrifying. The idea of a party fully entering a building before realizing the whole structure is hostile towards them is simply too tantalizing to pass up.

Stat block for a Mimic monster that's as big as a building

4. Animated Statue

Players have gotten too paranoid when it comes to items that turn out to be animated. So enough with the animated armors and flying swords, it's time the statues start attacking.

5. Wind Beast

Some say trying to hit the best fighters is like trying to hit the wind. Well, what's it like to try and hit the actual wind? Let's find out.

6. Super Tarrasque

Don't use this one. There's reason for it, there's no party that's a high enough level, there's no way this fight would be fun. Just... don't. 

Hopefully one these is worthwhile, or at least has something you can plunder for your own monsters. If you have any suggestion, recommendations or just want to reach out feel free to do so! If you're looking for more stat blocks like this you can subscribe to our email list. 

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