4 DnD Locations to Use in your 5e Games

4 DnD Locations to Use in your 5e Games

Setting is one of the most important parts of a DnD game. Its common, and fun, to have your PCs jump around to many locations over the course of a campaign. But sometimes creating a wide variety of places throughout a single world is taxing and time-consuming, so we're here to help. These locations don't include maps, but they do include a bit of historical background, some important features and the general culture of the location.

 1. Bi'Than

Bi'Than is a mountain community centered around a temple. The temple holds a sacred order of monks whose goal is to rid the world of gods and their servants, believing religion to be a blight on consciousness. Initially it began as a tiny number of people of any race that could survive the journey up the mountains to the temple, but as more and more accolytes made their way into the world more found their way back to Bi'Than. The monks are capable and compassionate, and so people stayed and the monks and the people supported on another well. Religion is still not welcome in Bi'Than, but so long as you don't worship in the presence of a monk most people are okay with it. Bi'Than is still quite a dangerous place to live, it is freezing cold and there are many severe drops, food is often hard to come by and birds and stalkers of the peaks often prey upon those who wander, but the malice of man does not reach so high.

2. The Treetops

Magically enforced tree forts that occupy most of the upper branches of an ancient forest. The houses and buildings were carefully woven out of the trees themselves over the course of several millennia, the trees themselves fortified with magic and encouraged to grow. The Treetops are known of the world over, but because the magics woven into the area are so thick, only those who are actively invited into the Treetops can find them. Originally a haven for wood elves and halflings to live away from the cares of the world, the Treetops have expanded to include a far wider variety of peoples seeking refuge from terror and darkness. There are three mother trees that the city is built around, which act as centers of housing, commerce and creation respectively. The Treetops have faced challenges, normally in the form of disgruntled individuals seeking the safe place without invite setting fire to the trees below, and sometimes wars are fought beneath their boughs, but against all odds the Treetops remain a safe place for the moment.

3. Wickawamafir

There are two levels to the city of Wickawamafir. The first and perhaps more important part is the series of farms, laid out across a huge distance on the plains of the world. Each farm is managed by an individual or small family that rotates through the production of food and also act as lookouts for hostile creatures or forces, to help protect the second part of Wickamafir, which exists underground. Beneath the plains that the farms sit atop is a vibrant city, with a focus on arts and literature. The city was founded by dwarves who dug out a vein of emerald, and then took to the massive chamber beneath the land, finding it comfortable and quiet. Underground passages connect Wickamafir to other dwarven cities, but it has blossomed into more than just another mining colony, and those who come in peace are always welcomed. Its central museum is said to be the best in the land, and is carved into the side of the cavern itself.

4. The Granite Falls

The Granite Falls is a vertical community, built upon massive naturally forming granite steps that ascend one of the world's tallest mountains. The peoples of the Granite Falls are the best mountaineers in the world, born on the side of a mountain natives are often queasy on flat plains or sea. The community has ways to help tourists and outsiders ascend between platforms, but it is a clear indicator when travellers ask about how to get from one step to the next, as most Fallers have no hesitations to climbing even the sheerest cliffs without ropes or anchors. The steps themselves are worshipped in the Granite Falls, each with their own distinct cultures and traditions, and are seen as gifts from the very gods bestowed upon the world to be conquered and lived upon just as the Fallers do. Anyone who can safely make it to a step is welcomed upon it.

Those are a few ideas for locations that should work in the vast majority of high fantasy worlds, and may work to spice things up or provide a worthy diversion for your PCs to explore. If you have ideas for content or adventures for us to post feel free to pass them along! If you want more content from us, check out our Instagram, TikTok and Email list! And as always, have a great day.

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