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You’ve found Only Crits dice! Top quality DnD and TTRPG dice sets. Various styles perfect for all RPG dice gaming needs. Are you looking for beautiful dice? Dice with animals inside, sharp edged dice sets, metal dice sets, stone dice sets or dice accessories? Boy do we have good news for you. We stock all of those things. Your Perception check was a success, and you’ve stumbled across us: Only Crits! We have a wide variety of dice, from colorful resin dice to cute animal dice. Anything you need to roll across a TTRPG table can be found here at Only Crits. This page features our dice, but if you’re looking for adventures, specific dice, or dice accessories you can find them highlighted in the dropdown menu on the top left. If you have product recommendations or questions, feel free to reach out to us!

On this page you can find every set of dice we sell in our little shop.