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3 Websites to Play D&D for Free

Are you a fantasy enthusiast looking for ways to dive into the world of D&D without breaking the bank? Look no further! Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a curious newcomer, playing D&D doesn't have to cost a dime. In this blog post, we'll explore the only three resources you need to play D&D for free. We'll check out the official Systems Reference Document for game rules, a downloadable D&D character sheet for crafting your hero, and how you can use Discord as a virtual tabletop. Let’s roll the dice on this magical journey!


In this blog, we’ll dive into:

  1. The Systems Reference Document: Your official guide to the rules of D&D, available for free.
  2. D&D Character Sheet: A downloadable, fillable form to create and track your character.
  3. Discord: A versatile platform to connect with fellow players and play D&D online.

1. The Systems Reference Document (SRD)

Where to find it: Systems Reference Document (SRD) PDF

What it is: The SRD is a comprehensive PDF that includes the core rules of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Essentially these are the rules. To compare this document to the starter set, it includes the Player's Handbook and the Monster Manual, minus all the copyrighted intellectual property that belongs to Wizards of the Coast. It covers everything from spell lists and equipment to combat rules and creature statistics. It's completely free and is an official publication from Wizards of the Coast, so this is all totally above board, you won't even need a VPN. Sorry pirates, we still like the hats.

How to use it: The SRD is perfect for players who want to build D&D characters and understand their features, spells and equipment, as well as for Dungeon Masters who need to learn the rules and quickly reference them during gameplay. You can easily search the PDF for specific rules or print it out for a physical copy during your sessions. Be warned it is over 300 pages, so if you're going to print it, do it at work.

2. D&D Character Sheet

Where to find it: D&D Character Sheet - Form Fillable PDF

What it is: This fillable PDF character sheet is an essential tool for all D&D players. It allows you to digitally create and manage your D&D characters, keeping track of everything from your abilities and spells to your inventory and backstory. The fillable format makes it easy to update your character if you're playing digitally, and it's only three pages (one of which is kind of optional) to print out if you're playing in person.

How to use it: Download the PDF and use it on your computer or tablet to create your character. You can save multiple versions for different characters or update the same file as your character levels up. This is especially useful for players who are playing in multiple campaigns or just like to build a lot of characters. As a forever DM, I have so many unused character sheets saved on my PC. It's quite sad.

3. Discord

Where to find it: Discord Website. You can also join us over on the official Only Crits Discord Server, where we chat about dice, edit the sourcebook we've just crowdfunded, and generally have a good time!

What it offers: Discord is not just for chatting. It has evolved into a virtual haven for gamers, including D&D enthusiasts. With features like voice channels, video calls, and screen sharing, Discord serves as an excellent platform for playing D&D online. You can join existing D&D groups or create your own server to host games. Of course, Discord just acts as a forum to engage with a group in, you can use any medium of calling to play D&D, or just meet up with a group in person. You can also find games already set up on websites like Roll20. Check out the full list of available Virtual Table Tops over on StartPlaying.Games

How to use it: Once you sign up and log in to Discord, you can search for D&D communities or set up your own server. Use Discord's voice and video features to communicate with your group, and share screens for maps or other visual aids. There are also bots available that can manage game mechanics like dice rolling and character tracking.

Conclusion: Endless Adventure

And that's it! You’re all set to begin your adventures in the realms of Dungeons & Dragons without spending a dime. The Systems Reference Document, D&D Character Sheet, and Discord collectively offer a full suite of tools to engage with this classic role-playing game. Whether you're battling goblins, delving into the Underdark, or crafting intricate narratives, these tools provide everything you need to create and enjoy rich, immersive experiences.

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Questions, comments or concerns? Reach out to us for any reason!

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