4 Dice Minigames to Spice up your next D&D Session

4 Dice Minigames to Spice up your next D&D Session

Your D&D dice sets aren't just for combat or skill checks during sessions, they can also act as storytelling vessels for elements of in-game life that are tied to chance and challenge. Whether you're running a quick card game with PCs, or taking part in a vital competition with a nation's monarch, these dice games can be seamlessly woven into your D&D campaigns.

Integrating Dice Minigames

These minigames can serve as excellent stand-ins during sessions when characters are likely to engage in gambling, participate in local festivals, or encounter situations where games of chance are appropriate. For instance, they can mimic card games, betting games, or other traditional fantasy games using the dice you already have on hand. This approach not only enhances the realism of your game world but also provides an engaging way for players to interact with it and each other.

1. The Goblin's Challenge

This game can be used as a deck-building card game, or to simulate a group combat of some kind (perhaps that the party has bet on).

Dice Needed: A d20, 2d12, and 3d6 dice for each player.

Players: 3-6


  1. The DM rolls a d20 to set the challenge level for the round.
  2. Players then roll any combination of d12 and d6 dice, trying to match or exceed the challenge level. Once they've rolled a die it cannot be used again.
  3. The first player to match or exceed the challenge level wins the round and earns a point.
  4. The game ends when all players are out of dice, whoever won the most rounds wins.

2. Wizard’s Duel

This game can represent any kind of two player game or duel in which regular combat mechanics would either take too long or aren't appropriate for the situation. 

Dice Needed: 3d20s per player.

Players: 2


  1. Each player starts with 10 hit points.
  2. Players simultaneously roll 3d20s.
  3. Players deal 1 damage for every die they rolled higher than their opponent.
  4. The first wizard to reduce their opponent's health to 0 wins.

3. Treasure Hunt

This game is a pure game of chance, which works well as a betting game in a casino or tavern, or a casual card game.

Dice Needed: A d20, a d12, 2d10, a d8, a d6, and a d4 (aka 1 complete dice set).

Players: Any number


  1. The DM sets a DC by rolling a d20 7 times.
  2. Players take turns rolling their dice in either descending value order or ascending value order (ie, either starting with their d4 or starting with their d20).
  3. The player who reaches the DC with the fewest rolls wins the treasure.

4. Liar's Dice

A classic real-world dice game that works marvellously with D&D dice because of how many d6s most players carry with them. Works great for betting on or as a game patrons play around a beaten tavern table. If you're looking for more by any chance, you can check out our d6 sets here, or grab a whole bag of d6s here!

Dice Needed: Five d6 dice per player.

Players: 2 or more


  1. Each player rolls their dice, keeping their roll secret.
  2. Players take turns bidding on how many of each number (1-6) they believe are present under all the dice cups combined.
  3. Each player can either raise the bid or challenge the previous bid. Bids must be of a higher magnitude than the previous bid.
  4. If a challenge is made, all dice are revealed. If the bid is not met or exceeded, the bidder loses a die. If the bid is met or exceeded, the challenger loses a die.
  5. The game continues until only one player has dice remaining.

Keep the Dice Rolling!

Integrating these dice minigames into your Dungeons & Dragons sessions invites creativity, fosters interaction, and enhances the thematic depth of your adventures. They are perfect for adding an extra layer of fun and challenge, ensuring that your gaming experiences remain memorable and engaging.

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