6 Free Assets to Use in Your DnD Games

6 Free Assets to Use in Your DnD Games

If you are subscribed to our Free Asset emails you will recognize these items, monsters and NPCs. But we're already giving them away for free, and, heck, we like them. So here are six free assets for you to use in your games. 


Zombies are fun, but they're also a little stale nowadays. Nothing livens up a stale atmosphere like a little C4, or similar equivalent. Also the name is just too good to pass up.

Listen sometimes people just have bad days. Sometimes, people have evil, disembodied thunderclouds floating over them doing everything they can to kill them with lightning. Feels a little more understandable to be in a bad mood in that particular case.


Too many Scottish sounding dwarves. Too many surly miners who want to do nothing but work stone and drink ale. Where are the socialite dwarves? The ones who crave attention? Well here's one to start. 



For anyone other than a monk unarmed strikes tend to be a total waste of time. But they shouldn't be. Punching people is fun. Here, go throw more punches.

Goblins are fun early game enemies to throw at your players. And what's a better way to give new players the feeling of power than giving them a weapon designed specifically for the type of enemies they keep coming up against? Plus it has roots in Tolkien's works. 

Some of these may prove useful, some may not. As always our goal is to provide you with ways to liven up your game and have a great time playing DnD. If you find some ways to incorporate these items, monsters and NPCs let us know! We always loving hearing about what works and what doesn't so that we can keep creating great stuff for you.

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