We Were on a Podcast!

We Were on a Podcast!

A few months ago Eric and I sat down with the wonderful people over at Nerdpreneur for an interview. The podcast examines business founders and entrepreneurs that found a way to profit from their hobbies and nerdy interests. Some of the guests who they've had on include musicians, artists, tarantula breeders and fellow DnD enthusiasts. We are incredibly grateful to have been included among their ranks and had a blast sitting down to chat with Frank and Chris. If you're interested in listening to the episode you can find it anywhere you listen to podcasts, and we've linked to its Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Podcast pages here. If you don't have the time or hate the sound of our voices, I've outlined some of the highlights that emerged from our interview.

Get Your Stress Behind You

A tenet that Eric lives by. Instead of stress becoming a roadblock, the idea that having a lot on your plate serves as inspiration and drive to keep moving forward. There are many things that have to get done when beginning a business, so if you can't see those challenges as inspiration to push you forward it can become overwhelming. 

Inspiration Comes from Many Places

The interviewers wondered where the ideas for all our adventures and content comes from. The answer was that inspiration is an intangible resource, so you draw what you can from wherever you can. The example I gave was the development of our adventure "A Fowl Endeavour" (spoilers for it ahead), which came about from the classic question: would you rather fight a hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck? 


Frank and Chris were wondering how we achieved our distinct style across our pages. I was grateful that they saw tangible branding themes, since even when you make a conscious effort it doesn't always come through in the final product. Eric explained that our branding is minimalist and pointed out the importance of color. We chose purple as our primary color, which helps people recognize our page when they land on it.

A Little About Us

Frank and Chris also had some fun questions to get to know us better. They learned that Eric has a vast array of Steam games and is exceedingly fond of builders, he prefers Star Wars to Star Trek and worked as a restaurant manager prior to founding Only Crits. Rory (that's me!) believes sports fans are just as nerdy as fans of fantasy, and himself has recently gotten into Formula 1 racing. Eric and Rory grew up together and have been friends since the first grade.

Another big thanks to Nerdpreneur, they're great guys and have created a truly wonderful podcast. We highly recommend checking out all the episodes they've produced, they've featured some amazingly talented people that do great work. 

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