12 Free Item Stat Blocks for your DnD Game

12 Free Item Stat Blocks for your DnD Game

12 Free Item Stat Blocks for your DnD Game

Recently we've had to make some changes to our email threads that we use to send out free item, monster and NPC stat blocks. The emails have not ended, but they have slowed down and we've had to cut some of our assets. So, to make up for this, we're going to start posting more stat blocks here, on the blog. So, to get it started, here are 12 item stat blocks. We in no way promise that these items are balanced, or even all that original, but hopefully they're fun. Also, you may have seen some of these before, either on our Instagram or if you've been receiving our emails for a while, so apologies if there are some repeats here. Fingers crossed that there's something new here. If not go comment on our social media posts and engage with all of our content just to show us who's boss.

1. Self Propelling Cart

Horses are outdated, and expensive to feed. 

2. Mug of Authority

Everyone is more convincing when they're hoisting a mug aloft.

3. The Frontpack of Shielding

Like those kids who wore their backpacks on the front so nobody could steal from them, but better.

4. Torturer's Knife

PCs ask for too many Persuasion checks, and I think they should have a reason to try more Intimidation.

5. Shades of Frost

Just an excuse to drop a pair of shades over your eyes and say "stay frosty". 

6. Flag of Rallying

Where's the vehement patriotism? This is a medieval-style setting is it not?

7. Fake Mustache

I just love fake mustaches. 

8. Earplugs of Silence

These were inspired by the custom earpieces that musicians wear on stage. 

9. Cloak of the Dad

Where do dads even find all these friends? And why do they all look and dress the same?

10. Boomerang Handaxe

Throwing things is fun. We recommend dealing damage to the catcher if they roll a Natural 1 to catch the axe. 

11. Bottle of Infinite Liquor

Remove the scarcity of a good and see how it effects the world at large. I mean, is this comparable to infinite money? You can sell whisky after all.

12. Band of Sealing

My room as a teenager didn't have a lock, so this is to combat that particular trauma.

If you're looking to sign up for the emails where we share more stat blocks you can do so here. If you want to take a look at some monster stat blocks, you can find them here. And happy playing!

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